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£35.00 – Soak off & acrylic extensions / overlays inc design

£35.00 – Soak off & acrylic ombré extensions / overlays 

£33.00 – Acrylic extensions / overlays inc design

£33.00 – Ecapsulated crystals & glitters, acrylic extensions / overlays  

£30.00 – Ombré acrylic extensions / overlays

£30.00 – Natural acrylic extensions / overlays for nurses

£30.00 – Coloured acrylic extensions / sculptured nails 

£28.00 – Acrylic extensions / overlays inc one colour

£28.00 – Acrylic extensions, permanent white tips

£25.00 – Acrylic Infills with one colour

£27.00 – Acrylic infills inc two featured nails

£28.00 – Acrylic Infills inc design

£15.00 – Soak off inc mini manicure

£10.00 – Mini manicure for men

£12:00 – Cut down, shape & polish change+

£14.00 – Repair, cut down shape & polish change

£9.00 – Repair & polish change+

£7.00 – Repair, cut down & shape

£7.00 – Polish change+

£5.00 – Cut down and shape

£2.50p – Nail repair


Please make sure you are happy with your nails before leaving the shop as refunds and retouches will not be available once left the premises.

A surcharge may be applied if cancellation notice is not given within a 24 hr period.


I am only willing to provide my service to natural nails that do not have any form of pre existing acrylic on that has been applied by another technician.

If you have acrylics on from another technicians work, then please book in for a soak off as well as your set of nails.
Thank you. 


If any skin / nail reactions occur after the acrylic nails have been applied, please contact your GP and Louise Nails by Louise Liscott immediately.

Keep your hands and cuticles soft and in good condition by applying hand lotion and cuticle oil daily. Louise Nails sells great after care products on site.

Louise Nails advises that you are to carry out infills every three – four weeks, to avoid the acrylic becoming weak. It is strongly advised that you do not pick the acrylic away from your nails as this will lead to a fungal infection due to water becoming trapped in between the nail beds. This fungal infection is highly contagious and will need urgent medical attention.

Professional care must be taken when removing acrylic from the natural nail as this is where damage can occur if the procedure is not carried out properly. Please contact Louise Nails for your acrylic nails fo be removed safely.

It is strongly advised that you do not try to repair your acrylic nails yourself. There is a very high risk of a bacterial infection which is extremely contagious. Please contact Louise Nails for further advice. 

Please be aware some insect repellent contains an oily colourless chemical called DEET, which damages acrylic and causes stickiness.